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Why Building Companies Choose to Use Hebel

Made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), Hebel is a strong, high-performance building product used in various commercial construction projects. Many companies in the building industry like Solutions Built opt for Hebel when constructing apartments, multi-residential buildings, commercial projects and even houses. If you are considering Hebel for your next construction project, we are sharing why building companies like Solutions Built choose Hebel.


Versatile and Design Efficient

Hebel offers design flexibility, meaning there is more architectural scope to create a personalised and customised look. A variety of shapes can be created with Hebel, including external cladding, party walls and boundary walls. Building companies love Hebel because it is a rendered product. With no limit to colours, there is more flexibility to create a unique look. Only two types of plasterboard lining are considered when installing Hebel – standard and moisture resistant. This creates a more streamlined and efficient design process.


Solid and Strong

Compared to other forms of concrete, Hebel is lightweight and offers good compressive strength. In fact, Hebel is as strong and impact resistant as bricks, making it a fine alternative to traditional brickwork construction. Building companies who construct industrial and commercial builds use Hebel steel-reinforced panels to create solid and durable structures, without the construction complexity of masonry products.


Energy Efficient

Hebel has superb insulation properties, meaning it is able to keep a house or building cool in summer and warm in winter. Compared to other masonry products, Hebel reduces the amount of heating and cooling required, leading to savings on energy costs.



Hebel is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material, another reason why building companies lean towards using it for construction. This Australian manufactured material uses readily available raw materials such as lime, cement, sand, gypsum and water. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t emit gases into the atmosphere. Any waste generated from the manufacturing of Hebel is recycled, therefore producing less landfill waste.



Australia is renowned for being a hot, dry country – and unfortunately – prone to bushfires. Due to its fire-resistant properties tested by the CSIRO, Hebel is a non-combustible material that will not explode, even in extremely hot weather conditions. Hebel has a Fire Resistance Level of 60 to 240 minutes, and also meets the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). Building companies like Solutions Built always want to keep occupants safe and protected, particularly in bushfire zones.


Hire Building Companies to Install Hebel

If you are searching for building companies who are experienced in installing Hebel, Solutions Built is the right company for you. A number of our projects have included the installation of Hebel, including a luxury apartment in Nundah and two 10-storey buildings in Indooroopilly. We also offer construction services surrounding permanent formwork, AFS walling and brickwork. Get in touch to enquire about Hebel installation in your next project.

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