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A Commercial Construction Contractor on Choosing a Construction Site

Site selection is an essential consideration for any construction project, whether it is an apartment block or a business precinct. A number of factors can impact the financial success and structural integrity of the property. We asked a commercial construction contractor at Solutions Built to give their top tips on finding the best construction site for your project.


Slope and Topography

The topography, or the surface features of the land, is one of the first factors to consider when selecting a construction site. Topography can affect the stability and positioning of a building. Our commercial construction contractor recommend taking elevation readings before making a final decision. These readings will help determine the elevations and low points of the land to help reduce construction costs and minimise risks of natural hazards such as landslides or flooding. Having said that, various topographies can be used to serve purposes such as drainage.


Type of Soil

Inspecting the soil quality of your construction site is also necessary. According to our commercial construction contractor, good soil should have the ability to capture rain or water so that erosion does not do any damage to the structure. Loose and moist soil both serve as poor options to hold the foundation of a building, so compact soils are best. If your chosen site offers clay and rocky soils, you may need specialised equipment to prepare them for construction. For safe construction, permanent formwork is a great stabiliser option that protects concrete from the deterioration that can occur after direct contact with soil.


The Location

We’ve all heard the phrase, “location, location, location”. Our commercial construction contractor suggests considering the surrounding areas of the site. Whether it is a residential or a commercial build, select a construction site in either a developed area or an area with development potential. It is also important for the site to be located near accessible roads and public transport, as well as other amenities such as supermarkets. Environmental issues should also be considered. If your construction site offers very little nearby drainage and is in a flood-prone area, this could be problematic for the structure of the building.


Site Accessibility

Construction sites, particularly for large-scale projects, should always be accessible. Heavy-duty vehicles and even vehicles that transport necessary materials should easily be able to get in and out of the site. There should also be no access issues for future homeowners and customers once construction is done. A good commercial construction contractor will assess the site’s accessibility during the planning phase of the construction process.


Use a Reliable Commercial Construction Contractor for Your Project

Once you’ve chosen your construction site, we recommend partnering with a reliable commercial construction contractor from Solutions Built to help bring your project to life. We offer a variety of services such as AFS walling, blockwork and brickwork across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Get in touch if you wish to work with a trustworthy construction company.

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