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Our Queensland Builders Explain the Commercial Construction Process

Looking at constructing a new commercial building? There’s a lot involved in the construction process, and it can be an overwhelming experience. No matter what type of construction project you are planning, our Queensland builders are here to explain the commercial construction process from start to finish.


Planning and Development

The first step in commercial construction is the planning and development of the project. This phase involves finding the right location or site for your build, pre-designing the structure, and of course, choosing the right construction contractor, like Solutions Built, and architect.

During this phase of the project, regular meetings with your team are a necessity to make sure everyone is on the same page. It is also important to use this time to create a rough budget, construction design and construction plan. Your construction plan includes all important items to your project such as estimated resources and expenses, time frame for work tasks, contracts and payments.


Design and Programming

Once you are set on a design and have gathered a list of materials and equipment needed for the project, it is easier to estimate your costs. Our Queensland builders also recommend using this phase to make sure your design meets the necessary building codes and regulations. It is necessary to consider all site requirements and amenities such as site access and utility connections. The purpose of programming is to identify the scope of the work, the building size and how space will be used. It is important to maintain open communication lines between contractors throughout this process.



During the pre-construction phase of the project, our Queensland builders suggest sending a list of materials required for the build to various contractors for quotes. To find the best-fit vendor for your project and budget, analyse the quotes before making your final decision. You can then gather all required materials, equipment and labor force before commencing construction.

The pre-construction phase is also about selecting the following stakeholders to make up your project team:

  • Project Manager: In charge of the overall project
  • Superintendent: Maintains schedules and coordinates construction activities
  • Contract Administrator: Deals with the contracts
  • Field Engineer: Investigates the site condition and manages important paperwork

The final step according to our Queensland builders, is to obtain any necessary building permits and insurance policies.



Our Queensland builders say it is best to start off the construction phase with a meeting to discuss work hours, quality control, material storage and site access. Once this meeting has taken place, construction can begin. It is imperative that every step of the construction phase is inspected and supervised by the project manager.



During the final walk-through of the construction, our Queensland builders recommend completing a project punch list. The punch list as a list of tasks that either need to be fixed or changed before a construction project is deemed complete. It is finally time to occupy the space with the necessary furnishings and equipment. To finalise the project, one last inspection must take place by a building official.


Use Our Queensland Builders for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Our team of Queensland builders at Solutions Built hold many years of industry experience working on both commercial and residential projects. From permanent formwork, to brickwork and internal walls and external walls, we can help bring your commercial construction project from a design to a reality. Get in touch to enquire about our services.

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