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Everything You Need to Know About Logicwall

Are you a developer or an architect looking at using permanent formwork for your next construction project? Systems like Logicwall are highly regarded in the construction industry as an alternative to traditional masonry materials. To help you decide whether or not to use this system, here’s everything you need to know about Logicwall and how it can benefit your project.


What is Logicwall?

Logicwall by AFS is a permanent formwork system for concrete internal walling as well as external walling. Typically used to construct multi-residential and commercial buildings, these lightweight, sandwich panels are created by bonding durable fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. It is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit many architectural and construction projects. With a simple construction method, the panels can be hand lifted over a steel floor track and starter bars, then core-filled with concrete to create fire and sound-rated walls.


What Are the Benefits of Logicwall?

This system holds a number of advantages over other traditional construction materials. With a maximum wall thickness of 262mm, the load-bearing system is the ultimate space-saving solution that still delivers a high strength wall. For instance, if you wish to design your corridors with a thinner wall at 162mm, you will not only maximise your internal space but also ensure durability.

Construction times and deadlines can often be a factor when working on a project, and this AFS system is extremely beneficial due to its speed of construction. Savings can be made with Logicwall due to its efficient materials handling as well as its elimination of the need for a crane. Panels are generally shop-drawn and made-to-measure, effectively reducing on-site waste compared to traditional construction methods such as blockwork.

Commercial projects opt for this system for its many cost efficiencies. Significant savings can be made due to the reduction of trades such as blockwork and additional trades normally needed for plastering and plasterboard finishing.


Where Can You Apply the System?

Logicwall can be applied to various spaces in your construction project:

– Façade walls
– Party walls
– Corridor walls
– Blade walls
– Boundary walls
– Lift and stair walls


How Do You Install This System?

The installation process of Logicwall traditionally requires a team of three per panel. Once the floor track and steel starter bars are set out, panels are hand lifted into place and secured. The panels are strengthened using adjustable braces, then reinforced, plumbed and straightened with levels and string lines. Electrics and all plumbing services are installed at this point in the installation process, and the panels are core filled with concrete using a pumping method.


Use Logicwall for Your Next Construction Project

If you would like to use Logicwall, or any of our other AFS solutions for your next commercial construction project, our AFS wall installers can help you by either installing or overseeing the project. Whether your project is in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or other surrounding areas, please contact our team at Solutions Built about using Logicwall in your next project.

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