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Five Signs You Need a Commercial Building Renovation

A commercial building, like any other space, does require the occasional update. But, when is the right time for a remodel or commercial building renovation? Some building owners may be considering selling up and moving on, while others simply want to maintain a modern and pristine appearance. If you’re wondering if your space could benefit from a refresh, here are five signs to look out for.


Noticeable Deterioration

Deterioration is a clear sign that you require a commercial building renovation. If you are noticing mould, cracks in the wall and broken or loose tiles or floorboards, it’s time to take action. These signs of deterioration can also be hazardous to your staff or tenants. Broken and loose tiles in high-traffic areas can be hazardous and cause accidents, and mould can lead to serious health issues. To avoid any potential lawsuits, speak to a construction company to see how the deterioration can be repaired and best avoided in the future.


Running Out of Space

Is your business growing? Then your commercial space needs to grow as well. If you have noticed that your space lacks adequate room to carry out the necessary work, then you might want to consider a commercial building renovation. After all, an office can never have enough storage space or meeting rooms! You can choose to either add more space to the existing building (if you have the permission to do so), or you can remodel the available space and construct it in a way that utilises it fully.


An Outdated Design

Take a good look at your commercial space. Does it look outdated and old-fashioned? How does the design of your space compare to your competitors? This may be an indication that your space deserves an update. An outdated space is not going to be a huge drawing card for potential employees and event potential buyers if you are considering selling.


Employees are Experiencing Difficulties

A commercial building should always strive to be ergonomic for employees or tenants. Are your work areas cramped? Is there a sufficient space to have lunch? If you want to increase workplace productivity, your space needs to be comfortable and functional. Investing in a commercial building renovation project is a small price to pay if you intend on retaining your employees. Make sure to pay attention to the types of comments and feedback you receive from your employees when refining your redesign.


You Want to Increase Your Rental/Selling Price

You may be considering selling your commercial building, or you may be looking at increasing the rental price for your tenants. If your commercial building is outdated, unsafe and lacks space, you might want to consider a commercial building renovation to justify any price increase.


Discuss Your Commercial Building Renovation with Solutions Built

Considering a commercial building renovation and not sure how or where to start? We can help. Our team at Solutions Built are experienced in renovations and can offer services including brickwork, permanent formwork and internal walling. Get in touch to speak to our team.

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