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Building Contractors Reveal Their Top Renovation Tips

Whether it is a whole house remodel, an extension or even a small task like reflooring, renovating is a big deal. At Solutions Built, our expertise not only lies in property construction, both residential and commercial, but our building contractors also have renovation experience. There’s a lot to think about when planning for a renovation. If you are unsure what steps to take, our building contractors have some great tips to help the process along.


Take Time to Plan

There’s no doubt that any renovation project demands a significant amount of time and money. Forward planning is a crucial step to keep your project on track, and forecasting your budget is the best place to start. In order to do this, our building contractors suggest researching the exact costs of every element of your renovation, including desired building materials, structural changes, fixtures, and paid services. Once you understand the potential cost, you can make a decision as to whether or not you need to adjust the scope of your project. If you are having trouble sticking to your desired budget, our building contractors can assist you.

Our building contractors also advise that you be realistic about the timings of your renovation. Consider and anticipate the designing, planning and even the approval process. Not everything needs to be done in one hit. With multi-room renovations, try breaking down your project into small, manageable tasks. You can even go one step further by making a list of do-it-yourself tasks, and tasks that require a contractor. Tasks for your chosen contractor may include foundation repairs, demolition and structural carpentry, such as constructing a new wall.

The point of this phase is to be as specific as possible so that you do not receive any nasty surprises or shocks halfway through the process. At Solutions Built, our builders have experience in both construction and design, so if you need help to flesh out your design plans, then this phase of the project is the perfect time to bring in some external help.


Check to See if You Need Approval

Most local governments permit minor internal and external changes to your property without council permission. However, our building contractors suggest to always check before proceeding. If your plan is to extend or remodel your home, you will most likely need to seek council approval. These changes could potentially impact your neighbours, the look of the street, and even the character of a home if it is heritage listed.

When renovating an apartment, approval is also required. Exterior changes to an apartment are often restricted, particularly if they change the appearance of the building. Major renovations like removing internal walls definitely require approval from the Owners Corporation, and in some cases, the council. If in doubt, our building contractors can offer guidance regarding approvals.


Prepare for Disruptions

Disruptions while renovating are inevitable, for yourself and your neighbours.

When renovations include everyday living spaces, there’s no doubt they will interrupt your day-to-day home life. You will need to decide if you can still live in the space. For instance, if you are planning on rebuilding your kitchen or even your bathroom, you might want to think about creating a temporary solution or moving to another property until the renovation is complete.

If you wish to avoid upsetting your neighbours and disrupting their life, our building contractors recommend arranging major works for weekdays and avoiding any construction on the weekends. As a common courtesy, consult your neighbours before and throughout the renovation process.


Safety Comes First

Safety is paramount when it comes to renovations. It is important to stay aware and alert of any potential hazards in your home.

If your property experiences any structural issues, our building contractors suggest consulting a professional company such as Solutions Built. Many Australian homes built during the 19th century generally contain asbestos and lead paint. If not managed correctly, they can actually cause serious illness. As a safety measure, it is best to leave the removal of these hazardous to professionals.

Other measures to take note of include wearing safety gear, cleaning up materials that could be a potential trip hazard, and proper ventilation.


Speak to Building Contractors About Your Upcoming Renovation

At Solutions Built, our team is highly experienced in full restorations and renovations and can offer their services in blockwork, brickwork, permanent formwork and load-bearing services to name a few. If you are having any doubts or concerns about an upcoming renovation, it is best to seek professional advice and services from building contractors. Feel free to get in touch with our team.

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