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Our Top 3 Tips For A Successful Retail Construction Project

Whether you’re taking on a renovation, remodelling or building an entirely new retail environment, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to planning a retail construction project. In today’s changing landscape, creating a space for a thriving business can be overwhelming, from getting your first building permit to selecting the team that’s right for you. Here are a few tips from an experienced construction contractor that could save you time and money.

#1 Designing Your Retail Construction Project

Designing a retail outlet is the first step to making your retail construction project a success. Walking through the space should be an effortless, natural and inviting process so that customers feel confident to make a purchase.

Ask yourself these questions when considering the customer experience and layout before retail construction commences:

  • How much space do you need so that there is ample room between fixtures, aisles and a decompression zone?
  • How does the storefront fit in with the surroundings and stand out to customers walking by?
  • Does your floorpan ensure an optimal experience for both shoppers and employees?
  • Accessibility is important from both a legal and ethical perspective. Do your contractors know the value of providing ramps, spacious walkways and elevators to cater to customers?
  • What options are there for green, sustainable building materials?
  • How can you incorporate lighting for a comfortable shopping experience?
  • Have you incorporated adequate technology and fixtures to make in-store processes efficient and customer-friendly?


#2 Research, Planning and Preparation

Once you are feeling confident with your design, it’s time to enlist some professionals to bring it to life. Thorough research will set realistic expectations for time and budget requirements, and help you find the right people to execute your plans.

Establish a realistic timeline estimate for completion

Planning for construction, organising large teams and contractors, obtaining permits and construction timeframes all need to be factored into your retail construction timeline.

Work to a budget

Confirming your budget from the outset can assist you in making decisions along the way and avoiding surprise costs. It’s beneficial to identify all costs early on and have a buffer of about 10% for any unexpected issues. Stick to your budget as best as possible and before you commence construction, talk with your contractors about flexibility or fees.

Find your project planning team

We recommend searching for a competent project manager to take on the development efficiently and coordinate teams. Experienced project planners can provide the best advice for adhering to regulations, meeting deadlines and incorporating changes throughout retail construction.

Find an architect experienced in retail construction

Looking for an architect that suits your project and is well-equipped to design your space is essential for successful construction. Those that have a good amount of experience in designing for your industry should be your first preference.

Interview several contractors

Another crucial step to getting the most from your commercial retail build is finding the right builders for the job. Make sure to look at their portfolio, ask the right questions and ensure their previous industry experience is relevant to your build to guarantee confidence in a good outcome.


#3 Completing the Retail Construction Project

Once construction is underway, input is still required from the owner to make key decisions and sign off on the final product. These are our tips to ensure that you’re happy with the outcome of your retail construction or remodelling.

Showing Up For Team Meetings

Multiple teams simultaneously work together on a construction site, and they are often coordinated by your project manager. After construction has started, frequent status meetings are necessary to reach construction goals more efficiently and complete the project on time.

Changes During Retail Construction

It’s not unusual for there to be unanticipated changes throughout a construction project. Should your project run into any changes, your project manager will need to assess the cost of the change and see if any revisions are required. What may appear as one small change could affect other components of the construction process.

Finalising Your Retail Construction Project

Towards the end of completion, a punch list will be created and reviewed during the project closeout phase. The project owner along with the general contractor is required to walk through the build to identify the quality of the workmanship as well as any potential issues. This provides an opportunity to ensure that your retail project goals have been met before making final payments.


Contact Solutions Built About Your Next Retail Construction Project

Solutions Built have years of experience working with expertise in brickwork and prefabricated construction materials for faster completion rates. We offer a range of environmentally friendly materials and can help you get started with your retail construction project. Simply get in touch to ask about our portfolio or retail advice from the construction industry.

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