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A Guide To Choosing The Best Bricklayers in Brisbane

Finalising the design of your commercial project is an exciting part of the construction process. The next step is choosing a contractor to bring it to life. Brickwork can be incorporated into a design for architectural style or foundational formwork. Regardless of its application, ensuring you’ve chosen a quality tradesman to install brickwork is crucial. Brickwork has been around for hundreds of years, but an experienced bricklayer can help you to achieve the desired style that will withstand the elements. Keep reading to discover how to be sure you’re choosing the best bricklayers in Brisbane.


How To Find the Best Bricklayers in Brisbane For Your Next Project

If you’re not familiar with the brickwork industry, or you’re new to construction, it can be hard to know what to look for in a bricklayer. As a professional contractor that specialises in architectural brickwork, we have put together a guide for choosing the best bricklayers for your specific needs. Whether your project is residential or commercial, or you’re after a simple brick fence, you will be satisfied with the outcome of having completed this research.


As with any construction company, viewing their previous work is generally advised to get an idea for their craftsmanship. Most contractors will invite you to look at their portfolio. Not only can it be a great source of initial inspiration, but it can give you an idea as to whether or not they have done any work that is similar in design or scope to what you’re hoping to achieve with your project.


After viewing a portfolio, getting insight from previous clients directly is a great way to determine whether a bricklayer is right for your project. A professional contractor would be happy to provide contact details if they are proud of the quality of their work. It’s not uncommon for the bricklayers you’re considering to be currently working on a site. Visiting an active construction site to inspect the quality and progress will give you a first-hand look at their skills and performance. Take note of whether the site is tidy, coordinated and the pace at which they are working.


If your project is taking place in Brisbane or surrounding suburbs, you should be aware that bricklayers are required to be licensed to complete brickwork to a value of $3,300 or more. Fully qualified tradesmen are able to provide better quality work and guarantee structural integrity. Licensed bricklayers will also be aware of building regulations, permits, safety requirements and insurance to save you from running into financial or legal trouble. Our clients know they can trust our services as our Solutions Built bricklayers are fully licensed and qualified by Queensland Building and Construction Commission.


Technical knowledge and expertise is another factor that you can evaluate when choosing a construction partner. Ask them how they intend to approach your particular project and discuss timelines for completion to detect whether they have a good understanding of brickwork. When looking for expert bricklayers in Brisbane, they should be able to confidently explain the process, answer any questions you might have, and even put you in touch with commercial planning contacts. Here are some further questions you can ask any construction company to gauge their reliability.


One of the most important factors to your decision making process will be the cost of services. Ideally you want to find a contractor well within what you intend to spend. It’s also good to maintain an awareness of the quality you’re paying for. While some contractors may offer cheap upfront costs, there could be hidden fees, or costly repairs required in the future from poor craftsmanship. We recommend getting quotes from at least three companies that offer bricklayers in Brisbane or surrounding suburbs to find a competitor offer that balances cost and expertise.


With any construction project, there is a possibility that complications can arise after the build is complete. Exterior brickwork, in particular, can require routine cleaning to maintain its appearance. An experienced contractor should prepare you for what to expect. They will inform you of the signs of structural failure and how to best care for your brickwork. You should feel confident hiring a tradesman who is happy to make a follow-up meeting to check their work after the project is complete.

Contact Solutions Built to Contract Expert Bricklayers for Your Brisbane Project

Here at Solutions Built we have decades of experience in providing brickwork solutions for all your construction needs. From retaining walls, fences through to foundations and exteriors, our architectural brickwork has a broad range of commercial and residential applications. Contact us about our previous work, advice or bricklayers for your next construction project in Brisbane or surrounding suburbs.

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