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Three Design Advantages To Using Round Bricks Over Traditional Bricks

Round bricks, sometimes known as bullnose bricks and radius bricks, have unique advantages over traditional bricks for some architectural purposes. As the name suggests, one or more corners of a round brick are curved to seamlessly create some of the more intricate designs we see in brickwork. From garden edging to capping brick walls, here are three reasons why it’s advantageous to incorporate round bricks in with traditional bricks for your next residential or commercial project.


Round Bricks For Garden Edging & Landscaping

Garden edging is a masonry technique that uses rounded bricks to create visual points of interest, separation and framing. Unlike traditional bricks, round bricks can create more detailed retaining walls or brick inlays that are perfect for enclosing garden beds. Due to their rounded face, you can achieve small, neat circles for fire pits or long snaking lines with articulated curves for sectioning off your back garden. When investing in decorative brickwork, it’s important to find a professional bricklayer that has the experience and quality supplies to prevent weeds from growing between bricks.


Half Round Coping Bricks For Shedding Water

Half round coping bricks serve architecture in both form and function. The unique, rounded face provides an attractive cap to the tops of brick walls or fences. They are also excellent at shedding water off their surface, protecting the brickwork in the structure beneath them. While bricks are one of the most durable building materials, if they aren’t maintained in humid, wet climates such as ours in Brisbane, they can start to erode and lose their visual charm. Round bricks are a great design choice for distinguished architecture and increasing the longevity of your exterior walls.


Bullnose Round Bricks For Eliminating Sharp Edges

There are two types of bullnose round bricks that are commonly seen in Australia; bullnose round on edge and bullnose round on flat. Each have a corner of the brick rounded off to provide a nice smooth, chamfered edge. This is advantageous in architecture for removing the stark, industrial feel that you get from solely relying on traditional bricks. From a design perspective, they have further utility for both commercial and residential builds. Bullnose round bricks are particularly useful in areas with dense foot traffic, as they prevent the likelihood of serious injury from falls and knocks. You will find bullnose round bricks are used to blunt what would otherwise be sharp corners on walls and stairs in place of traditional bricks.


Learn More About Architectural and Round Brick Construction with Solutions Built

Are you interested in making use of round bricks in your next project? Here at Solutions Built, we specialise in architectural brickwork to provide a high quality, lasting finish efficiently and safely. Whether you’re interested in face bricks for retail interior or a large residential project, get in touch for a call or a quote. View our portfolio for examples of our unparalleled capabilities in construction and brickwork across all industry sectors, or visit our blog for more resources.

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