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How Are Brick Wall Piers Built To Withstand The Elements?

Brick wall piers are vertical support structures that are typically built to secure walls. Historically, brick piers were used as foundations for houses in some areas. However, other stronger and more cost-efficient materials have replaced them over time. Today, they are commonly used to support gates, pergolas or free-standing columns for plaques and monuments. Here’s how brick wall piers are used to withstand elements today.


How Are Brick Piers Constructed?

Brick piers are constructed with brick and mortar to a one and a half brick, or two by two brick specification. For decorative purposes, face bricks are often selected for their uniformity. Larger brick piers can also be hollow and then filled with concrete or reinforced steel rods to strengthen them. Bond patterns commonly used for brick include the Flemish bond, English bond and stretcher bond. If used to support a wall you will find them standing on a layer of foundation at regular intervals along the length of the wall. Building regulations inform the necessary specifications for the amount and spacing of piers required depending on the height of the wall.


Why Are Brick Piers Still Used?

Brickwork dates back hundreds of years as a reliable method for construction. Today, the industry still relies on the bricklaying trade to provide a sustainable, durable and cost effective solution for contemporary projects in Australia. The look, feel and endless designs you can make with brickwork is appealing for architects and designers. Brick piers constructed by a professional bricklayer will last several decades without going out of style or degrading beyond recognition. Brick and mortar are reliable materials, utilised for their ability to withstand all the seasons and harsh weather conditions.


How Are Brick Piers Maintained?

If a brick pier is very old or has been poorly made, you might notice signs that a repair is needed. It’s important to spot these early if the piers are used as a foundation or structural support to avoid catastrophe. If you notice that brick piers are tilting, cracking, caving or crumbling, they will need to be replaced or removed. In restorations, a hydraulic jack will often be used to offset the structural load while the pier is rebuilt. If you are looking to remove a building or structure supported by brick piers, it’s important that you contact trustworthy contractors that have experience in brickwork.


Contact Solutions Built To Build Or Renovate Brick Piers

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