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3 Clever Ways to Utilise Besser Blocks in Your Brisbane Projects

While besser blocks have long been a staple of the construction industry in Brisbane due to their durability and strength, over the last few years, they’ve become a popular choice for more decorative applications in both residential and commercial projects – and for good reason.

They’re economical, versatile and come in a range of colours and finishes, from pale pink to pewter, and from smooth to ridged.

Far more than just the humble retaining wall material of choice, we share 3 clever ways to utilise besser blocks in your Brisbane projects.



Providing both privacy and a breezy outlook, besser blocks make great outdoor screening options in Brisbane.

Stacked on their side, their hollow interior can create simple but effective geometric patterns making an affordable yet stylish statement.

Whether you’re opting for screened bbq areas around the communal pool in your inner-city apartment project, or looking to add a privacy screen in front of gardens at a suburban home, besser blocks are both an elegant and robust choice.


Interior Walls

Think dining areas or communal living areas; smooth besser blocks can be used to create striking feature internal walls. They’re also a cost-effective choice that provides structural reliability, and insulation.

Paired with light grout and left bare, it creates a minimalist-industrial appearance, while providing load-bearing properties.

The rawness of a bare besser block matches well with other raw materials – think wood and metal – while keeping interiors cool.

The look can be easily ‘warmed up’ too with the addition of soft carpets and furnishings, or constructed using a darker grout or even painted in the colour of your choice.



Gardens and outdoor spaces are just as important, if not more important, than the indoor spaces in Brisbane, so it’s essential the spaces created are functional, stylish and built to withstand the sub tropical elements.

We’ve spoken about using decorative bricks in outdoor spaces, but besser blocks with their hollow centres make for perfect planter boxes in Brisbane gardens in both residential and commercial projects. Hardwearing and adaptable, besser blocks can be used in a number of ways and layouts and with a wide range of plants. The raw, muted tones make the perfect backdrop for the varying green shades of grasses and shrubs, as well as the vibrant colours of flowers.

Small besser block centres? These are ideal for housing herb & vegetable gardens or succulents.


Want to Incorporate Besser Blocks in Your Next Brisbane Project?

At Solutions Built, we have a number of years of experience working with sustainable bricks and besser blocks in an array of standard and creative applications across a wide range of commercial and residential projects. If you have a project in which you’d like to incorporate besser blocks in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or beyond, contact us and let’s discuss your project requirements and how we can help you achieve it.

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