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The Difference Between Blockwork and Brickwork

Blockwork and brickwork are both components of masonry construction – but how can you know which one to use in your next project? Here we break down the differences between these two types of durable construction methods.


What is Blockwork?

Blockwork is a construction technique using large concrete or cement blocks. They’re often much larger than a standard clay brick, but have a hollow centre to make them lighter and easier to work with, as well as improving their capacity for insulation. Blockwork is often used in construction projects because of its cost effectiveness and ease of use.

While there are many varieties of blocks that meet different requirements, blocks are usually rendered, and so their appearance isn’t particularly important. While bricks are often used on the exterior of a building for aesthetic purposes, blocks are more often used for internal and retaining walls.


What is Brickwork?

As mentioned above, bricks are commonly used on the exterior of buildings for their aesthetic value. That being said, clay bricks have high compressive strength and an impressive ability to withstand harsh weather. For this reason, clay brickwork is the
most widely used external cladding in Australia.

Although bricks are often more expensive than blocks (depending on their material), they offer an attractive, low-maintenance and long-wearing walling solution.


How to Choose Between the Two

Deciding between blockwork and brickwork depends on a number of factors. Namely, your budget, the climate of the building site, availability of brickwork and blockwork contractors, as well as your desired aesthetic outcome. To determine which material is best suited for your next project, we’d recommend talking to an expert about the best way forward.


Hiring Brickwork or Blockwork Contractors

Brickwork and blockwork are trades that require a high level of expertise and attention to detail, so it’s important to choose a contractor confidently. Do your research thoroughly, and pay close attention to testimonials and past projects. We’ve
written another article on choosing construction companies.

The team at Solutions Built offers brickwork and blockwork services on residential and commercial projects across South East Queensland. Have a look at our portfolio of past work to get an indication of the range of projects we work on. To enquire about brickwork and blockwork contractors, please get in touch with our team.

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