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What to Look for in Trustworthy Construction Companies

Looking to hire some experts in construction for an upcoming residential or commercial project? Here’s everything you should look for when deciding between construction companies.


A Large Portfolio

The first, and likely most important thing to look for in a construction company, is proven experience delivering projects similar to yours. Look through their portfolio to see if you can find evidence of instances in which they’ve successfully executed blockwork, masonry, formwork, or any other construction service in a setting similar to yours.

If you can’t find details of a similar project, send them an email asking if they can send you details of such a project, as well as contact details of the person they dealt with. This will give you a great starting point for collecting references.


References or Testimonials

This one almost goes without saying, but it’s an important part of the research process when you’re choosing between construction companies.

As mentioned above, start by asking the construction company in question about a project similar to yours, and if there is someone you can get in touch with. This will allow you to gauge whether the company was easy to deal with, how quickly they were able to deliver the project, and whether they were under or over budget. Favourable testimonials on their website or Google My Business are also a great indication of a trustworthy business.


Relationships with Suppliers

Another thing you’ll be able to determine from collecting references and testimonials, is whether this particular construction company maintains good relationships with suppliers.

The quality of a construction company’s relationships can take a project from good to great, or bad to horrendous – so this is an important one to check off your list. Good relationships can lead to shorter construction times, smaller budgets and a much more pleasant experience overall.


Short Construction Times

Can the construction company you’re considering deliver projects on time? When you’re researching this company, see if you can find out whether they have a track record of working efficiently to make sure they stay on schedule. And if they can do so under budget, even better.


Experience Installing the Latest Materials

Before you make a decision between construction companies, decide on which materials you’ll be using for your project. Then, make sure the company you’re investigating has ample experience working with this material. We’ve written up an article discussing our construction materials of choice here.

Solutions Built offers a number of construction services to our valued clients, including permanent formwork, blockwork, masonry, and AFS walling. To find out more about the construction experience of Solutions Built, see our portfolio, or get in touch with our team.

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