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The Benefits of a Stone Retaining Wall
Whether it’s a stone retaining wall, concrete retaining wall, or brick retaining wall, retaining walls play a pretty important role in your garden or back yard.
Retaining walls are in essence rigid constructions designed to retain soil behind them – often on a slope that wouldn’t be able to naturally retain it.
And while their role is primarily functional, a retaining wall can offer a lot in terms of aesthetics to your garden, or home or business too.
A stone retaining wall comes under the banner of masonry, and is just one of many materials we use for building retaining walls for commercial and residential projects. But, it’s a popular choice, due to the numerous benefits it offers.
Here are some of the reasons a stone retaining wall might be the right choice for your next project.

A Stone Retaining Wall is Very Strong


When built properly, a stone retaining wall is very strong. They are quite capable of retaining tonnes of dirt and rocks. It is likely to stand the test of time for many years – even decades – to come. It’ll even hold its own up against Queensland’s often harsh, hot weather and severe storms.

It Requires Virtually No Maintenance

A popular form of masonry, stone walls won’t rust, rot or need cleaning, re-painting or polishing. If built correctly, it’s essentially set in place and good to go!

It’s Very Functional


While strength is a key function of a stone retaining wall, they do many other useful things in this capacity too. Installing a retaining wall on a slope on uneven block can enhance and create more useable space on your property. And with outdoor areas one of the most used ‘rooms’ in Queensland homes, it’s preferable to be able to maximise this space – for a veggie garden, for an entertaining area, for the kids’ play area.
A stone retaining wall can also prevent erosion, prevent damage to surrounding structures and help to prevent flooding – another reason why they’re perfect for Queensland. 

A Stone Retaining Wall Adds Value


In our opinion, there are few things that look as elegant in your garden as a natural stone retaining wall. When done well, natural stone blends in seamlessly with the rest of the aesthetic of a garden. And, a well-manicured garden appeals to many buyers and is likely to add value to your home or business. 
If you’d like to find out more about stone retaining walls, masonry work and our other services, get in touch with our team to discuss.
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