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Concrete Block Foundation: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is a house or a high-rise, every building needs a solid foundation. At Solutions Built, we tend to favour a concrete block foundation when constructing a home. Not only does it hold up a structure, but it also acts as an anchor against a variety of weather conditions. We get asked a lot of questions about this particular type of foundation, so here’s everything you need to know.


What is it?

A concrete block foundation is constructed of large hollow blocks that are secured together with mortar and sit on a concrete footing. The blocks are also fixed similar to bricks in an overlapping pattern to ensure strength and stability. To further reinforce the foundation, steel bars or re-bar, are used to connect the blocks to the footing.


What Are the benefits?

There are several benefits as to why your house should have this type of foundation. Most importantly, this type of foundation supports structures with more weight. If your house is larger than the average home, then a concrete block foundation is the way to go. It is also very easy to install, particularly by someone with masonry experience. Once filled with mortar, concrete block foundations tend to be insulated and may even reduce energy usage within your home. Not only is a concrete block foundation durable, but concrete masonry is also cost effective.


Is it Easy to Repair a Damaged Foundation?

Foundation that has been poorly constructed can often lead to water damage. Issues such as lack of waterproofing to your foundation and poor drainage can also result in minor cracks. If you come across any foundation damage, it can easily be repaired by a professional like Solutions Built. For those who are looking to build a house from scratch, our materials and blockwork construction techniques are of the highest quality and help prevent the need for any repair work in the future.


Who Can I Talk To About a Concrete Block Foundation?

At Solutions Built, we have constructed a variety of homes, from the concrete block foundation, to the outdoor entertaining areas. If you have any questions about the foundation of your future home, get in touch.

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