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Builders Gold Coast – Our Commercial & Residential Projects

While the Solutions Built team works on projects across South East Queensland, our builders have worked on a number of projects on the Gold Coast. Providing services such as AFS walling, permanent formwork, blockwork, brickwork, internal walling and external walling, our Gold Coast builders have brought the following projects to life.

Soul Surfers Paradise Hotel

Soul Surfers Paradise is a breathtaking luxury hotel boasting 78 floors. For this large-scale commercial development, our Gold Coast builders provided load-bearing blockwork, as well as a $300,000 scaffolding contract to assist with the remainder of the build. Suffice it to say, we’re very proud of the end result.


Little Beach Development

In conjunction with Hutchinsons Builders, our Gold Coast builders worked on various aspects of this commercial development on the waterfront at Paradise Point. This was a complex build that involved working on six large-scale developments simultaneously, requiring a great deal of organisation and planning from our building team.


Residential Home

Our Gold Coast builders also work on a number of residential builds, and were very excited to work on the design and build of this home in Maudsland. As a concept-to-completion project, our builders worked on open indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, as well as a large swimming pool for this high-end home to be enjoyed by the entire family.


Builders Brisbane

Slacks Creek Aged Care Facility

Our Gold Coast builders have worked on numerous aged care facilities, and for this aged care home in Slacks Creek, we provided innovative AFS walling solutions. AFS produces the most lightweight building material on the market, reducing building costs and minimising construction times. This is why Solutions Built is both a supplier and installer of AFS walling.


Runaway Bay Retirement Home

Contracted by ADCO, our Gold Coast builders worked on this charming BUPA aged care home in Runaway Bay. As specialists in brickwork, our builders laid over 200,000 bricks throughout the duration of this project. Because aged care homes can sometimes feel clinical, these bricks were used to provide a sense of homelike warmth to this development.


Hire Builders Gold Coast

If you’re looking for builders on the Gold Coast to assist with a commercial or residential development, please contact out team. As mentioned above, we are specialists in AFS walling, permanent formwork, brickwork, blockwork, internal walls and external walls. We also have extensive experience working with Rediwall, Logicwall and Hebel.

See a full list of our building projects, and read testimonials from our previous clients. Before you decide on a builder, read our tips on choosing a trustworthy construction company.

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