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Why Are Energy Efficient Buildings So Important in 2022 and Beyond?

Around 40% of the world’s energy resources are used in commercial and residential buildings. The choices we make, as designers, developers and property investors shape our society economically and environmentally. Evidence from all over the world is proving that energy efficient buildings, or ‘green buildings’ have benefits that are reducing the negative effects of climate change. But what are energy efficient buildings and how can they benefit society?

What Are Energy Efficient Buildings?

Energy efficiency in buildings means accomplishing the same amount of work using less energy. They consume less supplied energy while providing all the comforts, luxuries and utilities that other buildings do.

Why Are They Important?

As we enter 2022, the world is facing an ever-present threat in climate change. Greenhouse gasses are harmful emissions that pollute the air and in turn, cause systemic environmental issues. Our energy mix in Australia is also partly made up of non-renewable energy sources like coal and gas. Consuming less energy is just one of many reasons why energy efficient buildings are so important.

Cost Benefits

Building, or buying an energy efficient building translates to long-term energy and cost savings. You will have significantly lower energy, water, gas and maintenance costs for tenants and yourself. This is very important to cater to the growing middle class in Australia. The average household energy debt for gas and electricity has increased 12% over the last financial year. Until we see more energy efficient solutions or government assistance, this trend could continue upwards for a very long time.

Environmental Impact

Energy efficient buildings are less taxing on the environment. They require less energy from the grid, resulting in lowered greenhouse emissions over the lifetime of their usage. and some even restore energy back to the grid with the use of solar panels or hydroelectricity. Environmentally friendly materials are also a factor when designing green buildings. Sustainable materials for construction are ethically sourced, durable and can often be repurposed. Hebel is an amazing eco-friendly solution that we install for external cladding, party walls and boundary walls. It’s locally manufactured from readily available materials with recyclable byproducts and low carbon emission processes.

Comfort and Health

We are seeing more and more green walls used in inner cities. Green walls are vertical garden spaces that incorporate plant life and architecture. They can act as humidifiers and air purifiers and create environments that are more conducive to relaxation and positivity. Energy efficient buildings also have better thermal performance due to highly engineered insulation techniques. This helps them reduce energy costs for heating and cooling but also comes with other benefits like healthy ventilation for tenants. We use lightweight cladding for excellent thermal insulation, fire resistance and noise insulation.

Higher Value

Last but not least, energy efficient buildings are perceived as having a higher value. Companies, investors, buyers and tenants all have a basic understanding of why green buildings are beneficial and thus worth more. They also tend to be newer, built at the turn of the century or later, and thus striving for the standards of an energy efficient building is desirable for everyone involved. In the long-term, future-proofing your asset with energy efficient ratings will also secure better social and financial returns on your investment.

Energy Efficient Buildings For Your Next Project

At Solutions Built, we have a broad range of experience building high-rises, commercial expansions, retail, aged care, apartments, schools and residential housing. We understand what’s going on in the property market and the best steps to take when looking at your next construction project. Our construction builders in Brisbane are highly experienced and ready to take on any challenge. You can view our portfolio to see our range of work, or get in touch with us today to get a quote.

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