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Need to Repair a Brick Wall? Here’s How Our Team at Solutions Built Can Help

Brick walls are a staple in modern construction and are often chosen for their design flexibility and durability. They can be used as the basis for building a residential or commercial building, or as a retaining wall.

Despite the durability of brick, issues can arise over time, which will require someone to repair a brick wall.

While you may be able to do some minor repairs yourself, if you have a serious issue with your brick wall, you should contact an experienced bricklayer to assist with repairs.

Here, we list three common issues which can result in the need to repair a brick wall.


Brick Fretting

Fretting in bricks is when voids and holes open in the mortar, typically caused by natural decay or gradual weathering. This can cause significant damage to the wall, as once water has entered the brickwork, it can result in the brickwork becoming gapped and unsound.

These voids in the mortar also have a tendency to worsen if unchecked. So, if you notice significant holes in your brick wall, it is important to take care of the issue sooner rather than later to avoid accruing costs down the line.

Fretting can be fixed by a process called mortar pointing. This process involves renewing the mortar joints in brickwork.

While this repair process is fairly straightforward, it takes an experienced bricklayer to colour match the bricks correctly to ensure that the brick wall looks consistent.


Structural-related Problems

Over time, structural problems that can arise and result in the need to repair a brick wall include:

  • Cracking in the masonry around openings
  • Displacement of the wall resulting in the brick’s bulging
  • Cracking or displacement under the roof eaves due to failure in the horizontal roof tiles designed to prevent the roof from spreading

Often these problems are noticed when sections of the brick wall can be seen bowing inward, outward or even collapsing.

These problems are serious structural failures often caused by excessive foundation settling or heaving, or large quantities of water entering your brick wall. As structural issues with your brick wall are a safety hazard and require addressing the underlying problems, it is important to consult an experienced builder to repair a brick wall if you suspect that the wall has structural damage.


Damage From Surface Debris

One of the most common issues with brick walls is the impact from surface debris. The buildup of things like moss, dirt and mould might not necessarily damage the bricks, but will cause them to appear dirty and unkempt.

If your bricks look dirty or discoloured, you may be able to clean them yourself by scrubbing them thoroughly with a brush and water and then cleaning the surfaces of all the bricks with a biodegradable detergent.

It’s worth noting that you should avoid cleaning your bricks with high-pressure washing or blasting, as excessive pressure on the bricks can erode them and cause permanent damage.


Need Help To Repair A Brick Wall?

At Solutions Built, we specialise in high-quality brickwork for a wide range of design and aesthetic objectives throughout South East Queensland. We can also assist with brick wall repairs, both cosmetic and structural. To chat with our team about repairing a damaged brick wall or building a brick wall from scratch, get in touch with us today.

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