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What is Prefabricated Construction and Why Is It So Popular?

With sustainable construction and efficient building times becoming more of a priority in the industry, there’s really one method that is about to boom in Australia; prefabricated construction. This form of construction is helping to improve the quality and speed of construction and is suitable for a variety of budgets. There are numerous benefits to this type of construction and some considerations that should be given thought before selecting it for your next project.


What is Prefabricated Construction?

Prefabrication describes a structure which is constructed into components offsite. These components are then delivered and assembled to form a building or home. It is a relatively broad term that involves two main types of construction:

  • 2D panel systems: panel and component systems might be used to create walls (both internal and external), internal stairs and the building envelope. Using a 2D panel system makes creating a customised design easier and assembling the design quicker than other construction techniques.
  • 3D modular systems: these volumetric systems are three-dimensional structural units that usually comprise of the wall, ceiling and floor of a single room. This is an extremely fast way to build and modular components can arrive at the construction site almost complete.

At Solutions Built, we offer our construction services using several prefabricated materials; Hebel, Logicwall and Rediwall.


Why is Prefabricated Construction Becoming Popular in Australia?

We are seeing a growing demand in the building industry for more advanced techniques like prefabricated construction. So, why is it becoming so popular in Australia?

Eco Friendly

It is one of the more sustainable construction techniques that minimises the waste of building materials and makes use of recyclable materials. Due to their construction in controlled factory environments, there is also less disturbance to the environment surrounding the construction site. Additionally, reduced construction times allows this form of construction to be very energy efficient.

It’s Safe

The risks of constructing outside (ground conditions and weather) are eliminated thanks to the controlled, safe environment of the factory. Using prefabricated materials like Hebel generally means buildings are lighter yet stronger structurally.


Prefabricated construction is relatively inexpensive and cost-effective. Taking less time to construction means a higher chance of saving money on labour and manufacturing costs. Some materials and systems used in prefab buildings offer insulation benefits, reducing the amount of heating and cooling and therefore, reducing energy costs.

Quicker Build

Because all the components are already created offsite, and in a controlled environment, this cuts down on assembly time.


Some Considerations Before Choosing Prefab Materials

While prefabricated construction offers many benefits, there are a few considerations to remember before selecting it for your next project. Once the panels and structures have been created, there is little to no opportunity to alter the shape or make dramatic aesthetic changes to the design. You must also consider the transportation of these structures to your construction site. How far away are these structures being constructed and how many trucks will you need to transport everything to the site?


Use Prefabricated Construction Through Solutions Built

Ready to use prefabricated construction for your next commercial or residential project? Give us a call and we can discuss how our team of building specialists can work with you to install and assemble using our range of prefabricated materials.

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