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Top Design Considerations for Aged Care Construction in Australia

The number of senior citizens in Australia is always increasing, and so is the need for comfortable, accessible and convenient aged care housing. Aged care construction is designed to ensure that the members of the community are catered for in every aspect of their home; this includes flexibility for different residents needs, their frame of mind and disabilities. It is important to choose the right construction materials in order to ensure the residents can live happily and comfortably in their home.


Permanent Formwork

AFS walling, such as Rediwall or Logicwall, is a type of permanent formwork providing a simple structural solution, which saves time throughout both the design and construction processes. There are many advantages of using AFS walling in an aged care construction project, the first being that it offers a faster completion time of construction. These walling solutions are also load bearing, fire resistant and a crane is not necessary to handle the materials. Permanent formwork acts as an additional stabiliser while protecting concrete from deterioration that can happen after direct contact with soil.


Internal Walls

Internal walls serve many purposes, but in aged care construction, it is important to create order throughout the residence to ensure residents, especially those with impairments or disabilities, do not get confused. Internal walls also provide insulation to reduce noise and thermally regulate the building’s interior. It’s extremely important to consider all residents and their needs; while some may want to be social or watch TV with the sound turned up, others will want peace and quiet to relax or enjoy a good book.

Safety considerations must also be addressed throughout the design and construction process. Handrails can be fitted along these walls to assist residents while moving around. Rounded wall corners may also be considered to avoid any mishaps.


External Walls

Solutions Built only uses highly durable, fire-resistant external wall materials in the construction process. These walls play an important part during construction and well afterwards, as they will be exposed to all elements for years to come.

Hebel is a popular choice for external walling solutions, as it’s versatile, strong, eco-friendly and fire-resistant. It is also energy efficient with excellent insulation properties, which is ideal for aged care housing.

Masonry is another popular choice due to its aesthetics and durability. Not only does it have multiple design finish options, but it is fire and termite resistant, and energy efficient as it cuts down the energy needed to thermally regulate residences.

Brickwork is the most traditional and common material used for external walls, as it a low maintenance material that is fire-resistant, non-toxic and sustainable. It is a highly durable material that can be delivered with high attention to detail for an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Talk to Solutions Built For More Aged Care Construction Considerations

There are a number of considerations that must be made for aged care construction, so please get in touch with Solutions Built to discuss your needs. We can discuss how our team of building specialists can work with you to build the ultimate aged care home.

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