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The Benefits of Using Brickwork Construction For Your Build

The history of brickwork construction is as old as the history of construction itself, and the durability and aesthetic of bricks have seen them used as a base material in incredible buildings all over the world: from the ancient pyramids of Giza to the Tate Modern in London. Bricks are an excellent choice when looking to construct a comfortable, sustainable and cost-effective building, and there are a multitude of reasons to consider incorporating brick into your next commercial construction project.


Bricks have a classic and enduring style, and their earthy colour tones bring a sense of hominess to a building. Their natural beauty has seen them used in construction for thousands of years, with legendary architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright turning to brick as a base material for many of their most well-known designs.

Bricks can be arranged to suit a variety of design styles ranging all the way from rustic to modern, and can serve as indoor walls as well as making for excellent external wall cladding.

The natural appearance of bricks mean they also are highly suitable for buildings situated near greenery or in nature.


Many of the oldest remaining buildings in the world are made from brick, which is a testament to the extreme durability of the material.

The natural colouring of brick means that they tend to avoid showing stains or building up excessive dirt, and because of their durability they require virtually no maintenance compared with other building materials.

Brick is also the most effective exterior material at controlling and minimising moisture, which in turn, reduces the risk of mold, rot and insect infestation.


Bricks are highly energy-efficient, as their density allows them to insulate buildings from both heat and cold. This means that brickwork construction is excellent at creating a comfortable indoor climate all year round, which in turn lowers utility costs due to a reduced dependence on air conditioning and heating.

They are also made from non-flammable material, diminishing the likelihood of structural fires in buildings made from brick.


Brickwork construction is a great environmental choice, as bricks are constructed from abundant natural materials and are able to be recycled.

Their long lifespan makes them sustainable, as they don’t need to be replaced at the same rate as alternative building materials.

Their simple production process also ensures that they are free from contaminants or material harmful to humans or the environment.

Considering brickwork Construction for Your Next Build?

At Solutions Built, our veteran bricklayers have years of experience working with bricks, as well as a commitment to detail which ensures that all of our brickwork is constructed correctly the first time around. If you have a project which may require brickwork construction, contact us and let’s discuss your project requirements and how we can help.

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