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The Benefits of Using Blockwork for Your Retaining Wall

If your property is on a slope, or you would like to create a garden on uneven ground, a retaining wall can be an excellent addition to your backyard.

There are a variety of retaining wall designs which can stabilise a sloped landscape, prevent soil erosion and flooding, and can also be used to create beautiful feature garden walls or veggie patches.

When it comes to the construction method and materials involved in building a retaining wall, there are many benefits that blockwork has to offer. Here, we discuss three key benefits of a blockwork retaining wall.



Blockwork retaining walls are highly-affordable due to the wide availability of the materials required. The blocks are created from poured concrete, an inexpensive construction material.

Cost-related savings are also increased by the longevity and durability of the concrete blocks, which require minimal maintenance aside from the occasional clean to keep them in good condition.

At Solutions Built we use only the highest-quality material and construction techniques in our blockwork to prevent or minimise the need for repair work in the future.



Concrete blocks are sturdy and heavy, meaning that they are the perfect material to hold in large amounts of soil. During the installation of a blockwork retaining wall, the blocks are reinforced with horizontal and vertical steel bars to ensure that they are firmly fixed together and stable.

The stability provided by the blocks means that you can be certain that your blockwork retaining wall will perform its function safely and effectively, whether you are levelling out a slope, creating a vegetable patch or hoping to avoid backyard erosion due to rainfall.

While other materials may move slowly over time due to extreme weather, a blockwork retaining wall is unlikely to shift as it is anchored deeply into the ground and concreted into place.



One of the major advantages of working with concrete is the inherent durability of the material. Concrete masonry is built to last and not susceptible to rotting, which means that it will outlast most other fencing materials.

Concrete is also extremely weather-resistant as well as flood and fire resistant, which is particularly important if your property is on a slope and you are concerned about potential erosion and shifting soil over time.

This makes blockwork an excellent choice in Queensland, as we are prone to periods of extreme heat as well as heavy rainfall.


Considering a Blockwork Retaining Wall?

If you are looking into having a retaining wall constructed, it is important to get an expert involved. An experienced builder will be able to ensure that the wall is built in a manner which is safe, long-lasting and affordable.

At Solutions Built, our builders have years of experience creating retaining walls from a variety of materials, as well as a commitment to detail which ensures that all of our blockwork is constructed correctly the first time around.

If you are interested in having a retaining wall built on your property, contact us to discuss your project requirements and how we can help.



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