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Should You Recycle Bricks? Here’s How You Can

Bricks are a great sustainable option for construction materials, but you should seriously consider recycling bricks before discarding them or buying brand new ones for your next project. Bricks have an average lifespan of about 200 years and can last within a structure for several decades before needing to be replaced. If you’re hoping to achieve a waste-free worksite, or take on the challenge of a sustainable restoration, then learning how to recycle bricks is a fantastic initiative.


Why Should You Recycle Bricks?

  • Saves natural resources — Recycling bricks reduces the need to extract new clay and shale, which are used to make new bricks. This helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of brick production.
  • Reduces energy use — Manufacturing new bricks requires a lot of energy, including firing the bricks in kilns at high temperatures. Recycling bricks conserves energy because the bricks have already been fired and do not need to be re-fired.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions — The production of bricks is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, primarily due to the energy used in the firing process. Recycling bricks reduces the overall greenhouse gas emissions associated with brick production.
  • Reduces waste — Recycling bricks helps divert waste from landfills, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal. It also reduces the emissions associated with transport to landfill.
  • Saves money — Recycling bricks can be a cost-effective alternative to buying new bricks, particularly if the bricks are in good condition and can be reused as-is or with minimal processing.
  • Preserves history — Recycling old bricks can help to preserve the history and character of a building or community.


How Bricks Can Be Recycled

You can recycle bricks in one of two ways; have them reclaimed and reused as they are, or crushed up and recycled.

  • Reclaimed Bricks — reclaimed bricks are washed clean from any mildew or mortar that has build up over the years, and those that haven’t eroded, crumbled or suffered severe structural cracks can be reused in a new build.
  • Crushed Bricks — bricks can be crushed into smaller chips or fine sands for pavement and drainage material or remoulded into new bricks.


We Can Help You Recycle Bricks at Solutions Built

Are you looking to tackle a heritage renovation in a brick home? Or maybe start a new project with an environmentally conscientious approach? We can help you recycle old bricks or obtain recycled bricks to keep your construction site green and affordable, achieving that timeless brick finish. At Solutions Built, we have decades of experience in bricklaying to help you realise your interior and architectural dreams.


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