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Top 5 Advantages of Brick Veneer Over Other Construction Materials

Are you considering a brick exterior for your next home or project? Have you thought about both brick veneer and solid brick construction? Brick veneer, also known as a brick facade is a non-structural exterior cladding comprised of a single layer of brickwork tied to a steel or timber frame. Solid brick construction is comprised of an internal and external brick wall separated by a cavity to form a structural, load-bearing wall. Keep reading to learn the advantages of brick veneer compared to other popular construction materials.


#1 Insulation

Brick veneer provides a great level of passive thermal and sound insulation. In fact, brick veneer actually has better insulation capabilities than its solid brick alternative. While double brick has twice the insulation, it’s also more difficult to warm up or cool down quickly as it retains its temperature for much longer. Brick veneer has an ideal amount of insulation with the cavities between the wall elements to allow for more flexible climate control in the home.


#2 Versatility

The second reason you might opt for brick veneer is its incredibly versatile. There are so many ways to dress up a brick veneer home; painted over, rendered or bagged, there’s a modern style everyone will love. Brick veneer also looks fantastic in every streetscape as it’s a timeless design that can be complemented by other construction materials such as wood, cement and metal for various stylings.


#3 Durability

Another property that makes brick construction so sought after is durability. Bricks are naturally weather-proof and fire-proof, and provide water resistance with minimal upkeep and maintenance over the years. Cleaning bricks and checking for drainage in weep holes is the only thing you might need to do over the lifespan of your brick veneer to keep it looking nice. Durability is an advantage of brick veneer that is hard to look past when considering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.


#4 Affordability

Bricks are a great affordable construction material. They are a sustainable, long-lasting option that can be incorporated into almost any budget for a new residential or commercial project. Due to their durability and low maintenance costs, the most you’ll pay for bricks is for the skills of a professional bricklayer who can lay intricate designs and bond patterns to make your exterior cladding stand out from the rest.


#5 Lightweight

The final advantage of brick veneer that we want to highlight is it’s relatively light weight. Lightweight construction materials often lower the cost of associated labour costs for transport and construction. This also means that any reconstruction work or a permanent relocation can be done more affordably with a lightweight brick veneer exterior.


Utilise The Advantages Of Brick Veneer In Your Next Project With Solutions Built

Among other advantages, brick veneer offers durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. This makes brick veneer a superior choice for external wall solutions in both commercial and residential construction projects. Get in touch with Solutions Built for brickwork, permanent formwork and construction expertise across industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

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