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How To Achieve A Striking Brick Feature Wall: 3 Different Ways

There’s no denying the appeal of bricks; they keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer, they withstand the test of time, they’re sustainable – and that’s just some of the many alluring features.

Brick is organic, adding a unique character to a room that other materials cannot. It’s also extremely versatile, and works as well in modern, open spaces as it does in more traditional spaces. Both hebel bocks and traditional bricks can be used as the key ingredient of a brick feature wall, with hebel potentially more effective when trying to create a super minimal or contemporary style.

So, whether you already have brick in place in your residential or commercial property and want to preserve or revamp it, or you’re looking to have one built, we share three ways to achieve a striking brick feature wall.


White Brick Feature Wall

Creating a white brick feature wall is a common decorating choice in commercial and residential properties for those wanting to make a room or building feel more modern, to brighten, or to create a sense of space.

It is also a popular choice when looking to revamp an already existing brick that’s outdated or doesn’t suit the rest of the renovation or extension.

If the wall is built from scratch, then this will typically be done using face bricks that are white in colour.

If you are looking to revamp an already existing wall, this is usually done via two or more coats of white paint to create an all-over solid white brick feature wall that imparts a modern, minimalistic, clean look.

Before painting, the surface will need to be free from efflorescence, which is white crystal salts. This can be removed with a mixture of 5% solution of white vinegar and water. Wipe or paint on with a paintbrush then hose or wipe off. Allow the brick wall to dry before painting.

For any new brickwork with cement mortar that is being painted white, you will need to let this set a minimum of 28 days before painting.

A solid white brick feature wall looks great in a modern or industrial setting, used as a backdrop for artwork, greenery or just a brick feature wall on its own.


White-Washed Brick Feature Wall

When creating a white-washed brick feature wall, it is essential to clean the bricks first. The best way to do this is mixing one part grease-cutting soap (like dish soap) with one part salt until you get a gritty paste. Apply to the brick wall with a wet cloth, then use a soft to medium-bristled brush to gently scrub away.

White washing can be done by mixing equal parts water with equal parts latex paint to create a look that is transparent. This can be built up in areas to create a dappled, aged look. Using paint diluted in water is generally the most cost-effective option for white-washing, and is a good option if you want more control over the opacity.

A white-washed brick feature wall can also be created by using limewash. Limewash tends to be a more environmentally friendly. It is free of artificial solvents and is has antibacterial properties, as hydrated lime mixture prevents bacteria and fungus from growing on the surface. It is also resistant to flaking and peeling as it easily soaks into the brick work. If the brick has been painted previously however, limewash cannot be used as it won’t be able to penetrate the bricks.


Bare Brick Feature Wall

A bare brick feature wall can be a striking yet durable addition to any residential or commercial building. It may be that your brick is hidden and you want it revealed, you already have a bare brick wall in place that requires modernising, or you may want a bare brick feature wall built.

While a bare brick feature wall may be easy enough to achieve without the help of professionals provided it is in good condition, but to reveal or construct a bare brick feature wall, you will need to enlist the help of someone who specialises in brickwork or blockwork.

The best bit about having a bare brick feature wall built from scratch and included in your residential or commercial build, is that you can choose from a wide variety of colours, styles, shapes and textures available, as well as the wide variety of decorative brickwork styles a skilled bricklayer can create. In addition, if the purpose is to build an aesthetically pleasing commercial building or family home, then typically we would use a face brick versus a common brick. Face bricks are uniform in colour and smoother, designed to be seen externally rather than covered with drywall, plaster or render.

When it comes to choosing your face bricks, you might opt for round or bullnose shaped bricks, radial or even custom-created bricks. For creating subtle or more obviously curved brickwork, you may include round openings, archways, ledges or pillars. Architectural bricks can be used to create feature walls where the aim is to create something especially striking, where creative placement and patterns can also be utilised to achieve the desired effect.  With hebel, breezeway blocks allow you to choose a decorative brick that features an open design that allows air to flow through. Colour-wise, the options are practically endless – from mottled, sand tones through to dark red and ashy, uniform hues.


Want a Brick Feature Wall For Your Commercial or Residential Build?

If you are looking to achieve a striking brick feature wall in your next residential or commercial project, Solutions Built can help. As construction partners with a wealth of experience across a variety of small and large projects, we specialise in high-quality architectural brickwork to create a finished product efficiently that lasts, and is aesthetically pleasing. Whether your brick feature wall is for internal or external applications, we invite you get in touch for a call or a quote. View our portfolio for examples of our unparalleled capabilities in construction and brickwork across all industry sectors, or visit our blog for more resources.

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