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5 Ways You Can Utilise Brickwork in Apartment Construction

Brickwork is a timeless staple that we at Solutions Built have decades of experience working with. From intricate architectural brick styles to functional foundations and formwork, building with brick is one of our strengths. In apartment construction, there are several ways to utilise different types of bricks. Keep reading to learn more about the potential for face bricks and standard bricks in your apartment project.


Internal Structural Walls

Bricks are a favoured choice for building internal walls in apartment construction for their load-bearing capacity and durability, among other qualities. Brick walls provide a level of thermal and noise insulation that is beneficial for occupants. Whether reinforced with steel or concrete or left as brick and mortar, this non-toxic building material remains a popular choice in the Australian residential and retail landscape. Whether the walling is left exposed in some areas or rendered, standard bricks are used to create structural walls making for a great, sustainable building material.


Exterior Cladding

Another option for using brick in apartment construction is walls built from a timber or steel frame with brick veneer. Brickwork differentiates itself from other external cladding options thanks to its low maintenance, high durability and fire resistance. The finish alone is appealing for many designers looking to obtain a timeless design that is familiar, sturdy and industrial or homely.


Feature Walls

Feature walls take full advantage of the brick aesthetic by selectively exposing brick walls or utilising face bricks to create architectural points of interest. They look great and add visible texture to any space. Commonly seen in commercial outlets, restaurants and apartment construction, brick feature walls are a popular choice to make a room feel less sterile or clinical. When paired with the right lighting, brick walls can also provide a sense of grandeur in large open foyers, wine cellars or hallways and arches.


Brick Driveways

Brick pavers for driveways and courtyards are another common way we see bricks utilised in apartment construction. Not only are they favoured for their durability, but they can also help to tie in that classic look throughout a large scale project to complement cladding and feature walls. Brick driveways are particularly easy to repair in the case of cracking after many years of use. While we always recommend finding a professional bricklayer, we also have a blog explaining how best to lay pavers on dirt or sand and clean off mortar left behind.


Dividing & Retaining Walls

Other features that can greatly benefit from the clever utilisation of bricks is dividing external walls and retaining walls. These can envelope stairways, provide a divide between a pool and indoor area, or create visual interest by sectioning off a garden. Different bond patterns can be used to leave mesh walls for visibility and light. As for retaining walls and piers or brick fences, round bricks can create more design choice.


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Looking for experienced professional bricklayers to help you realise your architectural designs in a timely manner? Get in touch with the team at Solutions Built. We are more than happy to offer advice, quotes and enable you to commence a new project anywhere in South East Queensland. Take a look at our portfolio to see how we use brickwork to enhance commercial and residential buildings.

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