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Hit and Miss Brickwork: What Is It and Why Should You Consider It?

Hit and miss brickwork is a brickwork technique that involves laying brick in a haphazard pattern to create an interesting hit-and-miss effect.

This technique differs from traditional masonry in that the bricks are laid further apart from each other with the vertical mortar joint removed. This style is becoming increasingly popular with architects and homeowners wanting to create open, free-flowing spaces while still taking advantage of the natural durability of brick.

In this article, our experienced bricklayers describe three of the key advantages that this brickwork style can bring to your project.


Aesthetic Style

Hit and miss brickwork creates an interesting and unique style that can bring a lot of visual interest to your home or construction project. This brickwork style is a great way to add sophistication to a space, and can be used in both partition and facade walls.

Whether you want an eye-catching exterior or to create a focal point by incorporating this brickwork into your interior design, hit and miss brickwork offers a variety of possibilities suitable for homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Bricks are available in a wide variety of colours, so brickwork style can be customised to match your existing colour scheme or create a new look. To ensure that new bricks colour-match any existing bricks in your building, you may need a bricklayer to assist with brick matching.


Strength and Durability

Don’t let the name mislead you: hit and miss brickwork is actually an extremely reliable and durable masonry technique. The interlocking nature of the bricks make hit and miss brick walls sturdy and able to withstand large amounts of pressure.

These walls also benefit from the inherent sturdiness of bricks, which are long-lasting, weather-resistant and low maintenance.


Letting Air and Light Flow Through A Space

One of the key attractions of this brickwork style is the way it lets air and light flow naturally through a space. While traditional brick blocks light and prevents air-flow, hit and miss brickwork allows light and air to easily permeate the bricks and create a free-flowing atmosphere.

This brickwork results in fresh and comfortable-feeling interiors, creating natural illumination for living spaces as well as lightening rooms and allowing breezes to pass through a building.


Need Help With Hit and Miss Bricklaying?

Because of the unconventional techniques used in hit and miss bricklaying, it is important to consult an experienced bricklayer when attempting to construct this type of wall.

At Solutions Built, our experienced bricklayers and builders are experts at brickwork construction and have constructed a variety of structures with hit and miss brickwork. If you have a space which you would like to incorporate hit and miss brickwork into, please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your construction needs via email or phone.

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