News 11 Nov
Why We Use Classic Concrete Pumping

After many years learning the construction industry inside and out, the Solutions Built team is confident in choosing Classic Concrete Pumping for our broad range of projects. In this article, we explain why.

This Australian-owned business was founded over a decade ago by Peter Gisinger, who set out to become the industry’s first choice in concrete pumping. Eleven years and twenty-eight pumps later, Classic Concrete Pumping has built a reputation for their unfailingly exceptional service and can-do attitude.

Classic Concrete’s fleet of equipment includes everything from line pumps, both low and high pressure, to 2 x 58m booms and most sizes in between. Their equipment is fully certified, plant registered and inspected independently at regular intervals. This company has the utmost commitment to guaranteeing safe and modern equipment. For this reason, among many others, we consider them a highly dependable partner.

Throughout every project we’ve worked on with Classic Concrete Pumping, we’ve been thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of their crews and their ability to complete work on time and within budget. It is very clear that Classic Concrete prioritises outstanding service, and we feel very confident in their ability to do the job well.

As a reflection of their superior skills and experience, the team at Classic Concrete has worked on an impressive list of high-profile projects. From the Clem 7 tunnel to the Inner Northern Busway and King George Square, it is clear that Classic Concrete has become an industry leader in concrete pumping.

To read more about Classic Concrete Pumping and have a look at their fleet of equipment, click here. If you’d like to get in touch with Classic Concrete Pumping for an upcoming concrete project, you can reach out to them here. Or if you have a project that requires a broader range of construction services such as blockwork or formwork, our team will be happy to hear from you.

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