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Three External Wall Cladding Materials For Your Home

The exterior of any structure, whether it is a home or an apartment block, deserves a high-quality protective skin to shield it from the elements. This is what we call cladding. Several materials can be used for external cladding. Your budget is usually the most important factor when selecting external wall cladding materials. Other considerations when choosing a material are your local environment (does it need to withstand extreme heat or corrosive coastal surroundings ?), thermal performance, safety compliance and aesthetics. Here are the highly durable, fire-rated external wall cladding materials we use at Solutions Built.



The most traditional and common external wall cladding materials are brick. It is a fire-resistant material that is low maintenance, non-toxic and highly durable. Brickwork also provides excellent thermal performance and sound insulation. Bricks also offer an aesthetically pleasing finish if you are after a homely and natural appearance. A great advantage of bricks is that it is a sustainable material that can be recycled for reuse when a building or home is demolished.



Hebel is a strong yet lightweight product that offers many benefits to any construction project including shorter construction times and noise and energy waste reduction. When it comes to external wall cladding materials, many of the Hebel products are excellent choices (for example, PowerPanel XL and PowerPanel 50). They are steel reinforced for added strength and have an anti-corrosion layer for better durability. It is one of the many fire resistant materials known for being non-combustible, making it a low-risk option in fire-prone areas. Using Hebel for external walls also helps to reduce noise from external sources. Like brickwork, Hebel is also environmentally friendly, and any waste generated during the manufacturing process is recycled.



Logicwall is another walling solution not too dissimilar from Hebel. This permanent formwork system is made of fibre cement panels that can easily slide into place. Like Hebel, Logicwall offers quick construction times and energy waste reduction benefits. When using Logicwall for external cladding, it is strongly recommended to apply an acrylic render system to the walls. This will conceal the joints and create a longer-lasting surface to your home that is less likely to crack over time.


Apply One of These External Wall Cladding Materials to Your Home

As previously mentioned, your budget, aesthetic choice and local environment will influence that types of external wall cladding materials you choose. If you need additional information and further assistance with selecting a material, please get in touch. We can also help you install your chosen material.

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