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Remember These Facts Before Removing a Load Bearing Wall

Are you thinking about renovating? We’ve previously discussed how to identify a load bearing wall. If you are still set on removing this load bearing wall, then read on…

Removing a load bearing wall is significantly different from removing another internal wall. This is because they play an important role in helping to support the weight of the house. If you’re considering removing one in an upcoming renovation, it is essential you understand these key facts before commencing the work.


DIY vs Hiring a Building Contractor

While many may be considering DIY and removing a load bearing wall themselves, we do recommend hiring a building contractor for several reasons. There is a higher safety risk when dealing with your home or even building’s structure. You have to consider electrical work, plumbing and potential harmful features like asbestos. A professional building contractor will know how to assess the wall to see if there is anything that can obstruct the removal of the load bearing wall. If so, they can either put you in contact or you can source your own electrician or plumber before commencing. A professional builder will also know whether or not the load bearing wall you wish to remove can, in fact, be removed easily. They will also be able to use their expertise to put up a temporary beam for support.


Obtain Necessary Approval

Like all construction projects, approval is needed when changing the structure of your home, both internally and externally. All minor renovations do require a development application (DA) from your local council. Expect to pay a permit fee when applying for building approval.


Always Use Temporary Supports

As for the temporary support, some will need to be built prior to removing any part of your load bearing wall. Braces will need to be installed on both sides of the load bearing wall and removed once replaced with permanent support.


Replace The Wall With Other Means of Support

One of the most important things to consider when removing a load bearing wall is this: whatever you take out, you must replace. An example on a smaller scale is windows. A wall is, of course, the main way to hold up a structure. By cutting hole into a wall, you compromise this. However, using small beams, or in this instance, window headers, you can replace the removed portion of the wall framing without weakening the wall. Now, apply this concept to load bearing walls. When a professional builder removes a load bearing, they will replace it with either:

  • A beam only: a horizontal structural beam of the correct size
  • A beam and a post: a horizontal beam and vertical posts.

You can choose to replace your wall with either a steel or LVL beam (Laminated Veneer Lumber). Your professional builder will determine what type of beam and what size is best for your old load bearing wall.


Consult a Professional Regarding Removing a Load Bearing Wall

Now that you understand the key factors for removing a load bearing wall, it is time to get in touch with a professional builder. At Solutions Built, can help identify and remove any load bearing walls, as well as offer other walling services for both internal and external. If you would like to know more, get in touch with our team.

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