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The Pros and Cons of Brick Fencing for Your Brisbane Commercial Project

Brick fencing remains a popular option for commercial and multi-residential projects in Brisbane and across South East Queensland. There are several important factors to consider when determining if a brick fence is right for your plans. Our contractors have outlined the pros and cons of using brick fencing or brick wall to surround or wall off a commercial site.


Pros of Brick Fencing

Bricks have been reliably used for thousands of years for their strength, ease of manufacturing, and more recently, for their aesthetic appeal. We’ve listed some other benefits applicable to commercial construction sites that you may not have thought about.

Easily customised to match your design

Brick fencing is extremely versatile and allows you to bring in design elements from other parts of the build. There is a wide range of colours and sizes available to create various patterns and textures. Adding accents such as pattern variations, cement slabs, or different-sized bricks can make your brick fence tailored and unique. Facing bricks are also a popular option of brick fencing in Brisbane. They are manufactured with the purpose of being visible, and used to build facades in place of regular bricks to look more uniform in shape, colour and overall quality. They provide a great backdrop for signage and remain timeless for your commercial building front.

They’re great for privacy and sound insulation

There are two types of brick fencing. The first type allows for visibility through brick pillars connected by iron or wood panels to look like a traditional fence. The second type is a small brick wall, also known as a closed brick fence, that has no gaps or variation. Closed brick fences are ideal for privacy as they separate the interior from the exterior entirely. They create a strong noise barrier that can effectively dampen the sound of busy nearby roads and pedestrian traffic while still creating a warm and inviting front-facing facade for visitors.

Bricks are recyclable and environmentally friendly

The brick manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, produces low carbon emissions and is relatively inexpensive. Brick fences are extremely cost effective to demolish in the event you want to replace or change the exterior fencing in the future, can be updated fairly easily using paint, and are also a highly reusable material that can withstand years of harsh weather. Their extended lifespan makes them particularly attractive to projects that are aiming to be eco-friendly. Environmentally conscious projects are a key commercial construction trend we’re seeing in 2021.

Brick fencing is both strong and durable

Aside from being aesthetically appealing for many projects, clients can be confident that brick fencing will withstand the test of time and require little maintenance. Their structural integrity makes them easily able to withstand strong winds or extreme rainfall.


Cons of Brick Fencing

There aren’t many downsides to selecting brick fencing for your Brisbane based project, but there is some maintenance to be aware of, as well as the dangers of taking shortcuts when finding your bricklaying contractor.

Brick fencing can grow mould

Bricks are made of a porous material that will absorb water and can produce mould if they aren’t cleaned properly. A coating of acrylic can protect brick fencing from Brisbane weather and delay the chances of mould appearing as it seals it off from the elements, countering the porous exterior without changing its appearance. Cleaning bricks thoroughly can be time consuming but is the only form of maintenance that is required annually over its lifespan. Quality brickwork will reduce the chances of mould appearing but it is still recommended that you look after your fences to ensure they remain clean and look good.

Brick fencing can be slow to install

When selecting a bricklaying contractor, their experience and the level of detail in the design will largely determine how long the installation of brick fencing will take. Unlike alternatives, brick fencing is not a prefabricated solution and laying each individual brick can take time depending on the size and complexity of the project. Choosing to work with quality bricklaying contractors will ensure that your project runs smoothly to the finish line.

Installation can be expensive

Installation costs for brick fencing is largely determined by the quality of brick you select, the type, labour costs and the complexity of the site (ie uneven grounds). Partnering with an experienced professional bricklayer is the best way to optimise the cost of installation. Not only will the job be done faster, but the need for repairs is extremely unlikely. Showcasing quality craftsmanship is worth the outlay for sites wanting a brick exterior aesthetic.

Inexperienced contractors can spell disaster

Poorly laid bricks with uneven gaps, sizes and quality can be an eyesore and distract from an otherwise good design concept. Bad brickwork allows for more moisture to be absorbed, causing bulging or bowing and eventuates in bricks crumbling, dislodging or falling out. Ignoring problems with brick fencing will eventually lead to a compromise of structural integrity, underlining the importance of working with experienced bricklayers. At Solutions Built, we are confident that our expertise in brickwork and attention to detail will deliver the best results for your next build.

Alternatives to Brick Fencing

Overall, brick fencing is a great and hugely popular option for commercial and multi-residential builds all over Australia, but if your budget and time is tightly restricted, or you’re hoping to achieve a different design aesthetic, here are some alternatives.

Hebel PowerFence

Hebel’s PowerFence using autoclaved, aerated cement (AAC) is a type of lightweight cement that is widely appreciated in the construction industry for its strength and modularity. Consisting of steel posts and AAC standard panels, a Hebel PowerFence is an ideal solution for clients wanting faster construction times, durability and a contemporary finish. The PowerFence can be painted any colour or routed to create desired textures. For a deeper comparison between Hebel and brick you can read our Hebel vs brick post.

Besser block fence

Creating a boundary fence out of concrete bricks also known as besser block is another great, cost-efficient alternative to brick fencing. Like other walls, blockwork provides a sturdy sound barrier that won’t crumble due to strong winds. The vulnerabilities for a besser block fence only arise if it’s poorly constructed making water damage a potential problem. The visual design of besser blocks can be less versatile but there are still ways to get creative with patterns and external cladding.

Contact Us About Your Fencing Needs

At Solutions Built, we offer high quality and timely bricklaying services across South East Queensland. Our extensive experience and attention to detail means that we can deliver design objectives within your desired budget. View our previous projects to see examples of our commercial brickwork or get in touch with our team to receive an approximate quote.

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