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Four Common Building and Construction Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable during the construction process, for both residential and commercial builds. Unfortunately, these errors often end up being costly for the client and construction company or contractor. Here are the most common building and construction mistakes and how construction companies and contractors can avoid them.


Poor Planning and Unrealistic Expectations

Unexpected weather events, unplanned site conditions and building material delays are common problems that many building and construction projects face. These issues are even harder to accomodate, however, if they are not even considered during the planning phase of the project. The best way to plan for the unexpected? During the planning phase of a project, all possible issues that could occur need to be written down, alongside necessary contingency plans.


Poor Communication

Consistent communication is key to any building and construction project. By failing to communicate, this may put the project in jeopardy. For instance, a lack of communication could result in the project not meeting the client’s expectations or specifications. To ensure good communication from beginning to end, it is important to outline what your communication process is going to look like before commencing the work. Some examples could be to schedule weekly status update calls with all relevant project members and to make sure all important updates and issues are directed towards the project manager.


Unreliable and Untrustworthy Contractors and Suppliers

A common building and construction mistake is putting faith into suppliers and contractors that can easily let you down, and ultimately put an end to your project. Trustworthy construction companies, suppliers and contractors should have positive testimonials, a substantial work portfolio and a reasonable price that is on par with other providers. To have a successful project, it is essential to find reliable contractors like Solutions Built and establish clean lines of communication and a professional relationship.


Underfunded Projects

Too often, the failure of a construction project comes down to inaccurate project estimates and unexpected costs. The purpose of budgeting during the pre-construction phase is to be as practical as possible and to identify potential cost issues before commencing the work. A realistic and accurate building and construction budget should always include accurate costs of materials and contractors, as well as all possible contingencies in case of any unexpected costs. Regular budget updates and project check-ins should regularly take place to confirm if you are on budget.

Need Assistance With Your Building and Construction Project?

At Solutions Built, our team of highly experienced and reliable construction contractors have overseen the successful completion of many projects across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. With experience in permanent formwork, load-bearing services and brickwork, we can ensure our clients a high quality service. Get in touch if you need assistance on an upcoming construction project.

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