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5 Types of Face Bricks You Can Use In Your Commercial Building Design

There are many types of face bricks that deciding on a style for your project can be overwhelming. Here’s a concise list describing some types of face bricks and how you can incorporate them into your build.


If you’re wanting a twist on the classic approach of smooth surfaces and clean lines, then you should look at contemporary types of face bricks. You can create a modern finish with face bricks by opting for ultra-smooth, glazed finishes and cool-tone shades of grey and brown, black or white. They blend into the architecture seamlessly without drawing too much attention, and they are suited to buildings with polished cement and glass elements to add texture.


Urban brickwork is one of the best types of face bricks to use in retail and dining spaces. They work as both interior and exterior elements with raw materials tied in to add variety. Unlike other types of face brick, this urban style defies uniformity that is often sought after for an imperfect, urban aesthetic. It is especially popular to pair this style with matte black finishes, wood grains and moody lighting for artsy and industrial spaces. Textured grout and bricks of various sizes are also commonly paired with grey uneven grout for added realism.


Monochrome face bricks are perfectly colour matched and painted to create a uniform look. This is one of the types of face bricks that looks extraordinary when taking mortar colours and unique bond patterns into consideration. Matching the mortar to the brick colour allows for bold walls with some texture. If you’ve decided on monochrome brick walls, you are completely free to experiment with other colours, textures and materials like copper.


The classic style of face bricks is warm, inviting and evokes a strong sense of history. Choose warm oranges, reds and yellow bricks to create a timeless exterior. Light grey mortar is commonly used when laying classic bricks to appear more aged and authentic. These types of face bricks suit refurbishments of heritage-listed properties. Solutions Built has used classic face bricks to restore life to this Ascot property on Oriel Road.


There are thousands of opportunities when it comes to working with face bricks and face brick tiles. All types of bricks will introduce texture, but the amount of texture is completely up to you. Breeze blocks are a common design seen in more contemporary buildings and they perform a few key functions. They wall off space to create zones while still allowing airflow and sunlight, creating patterned shadows in the afternoon. Bagged bricks also infuse texture to designs looking for a more weathered look that maintains a modern feel.

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