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5 Questions To Ask Your Builders Before Commencing Work in Brisbane
You’ve done your research on trustworthy construction companies, selected your Brisbane builders, and you’re just about ready to start your commercial or residential project. 
If this is your first project with your chosen builders in Brisbane, you may have some additional questions about your specific project and their processes before you sign the contract.
We’ve put together a checklist of questions we suggest you ask your builders before getting started. 

Can I View Your Recently Finished Projects?


While references are a great way to ensure that the builders in Brisbane you’ve engaged the services of are capable of carrying out quality work, an even better way to gauge their quality of workmanship is to see them in person. This may also help you to get some idea of what your finished project may look like. If you’d like to see some of their projects, ask if it would be possible to view them, and what roles they played in building them.  You can view some of Solutions Built’s projects here

Who Will Supervise the Work?


All projects should be supervised. The onsite supervisor’s role is to manage and ensure the project runs smoothly and on time.  Ask to meet them before construction starts to make sure you’ll be comfortable working with them.

How Will I be Kept Informed Along the Way?


It’s vital you are kept in the loop by the Brisbane builders along the way.  A good builder will also be a good communicator, making sure to update you on all the changes that happen onsite as they occur. 
Find out who your point of contact will be and how they will make contact with you. You may wish to ask if the builders schedule any on-site meetings, if there are specific times you can inspect the site, or if the builders provide you with detailed reporting systems to keep you informed. 
A clear line of communication is essential, so ask this question so you know exactly what you can expect. 

Can I Make Changes and When Is the Cut Off?


This question is key to ask your builders in Brisbane before any construction commences. Ask when the cut-off is for making any changes, as well as what costs any additional or late changes would incur. 
Ideally, you will have everything set in place and not need to make any changes, as the more changes you make, the more your project will vary from the initial costs and timeline outlined. 

What Guarantees Do You Offer?


Make sure to ask your builders in Brisbane what their warranty is with your project. Most companies will have a building maintenance or warranty period set in place during which the builder will fix any problems. You can also check with QBCC to find out what warranties may be required for your type of project.

Ready to Engage the Services of Builders for Your Brisbane Project?


Solutions Built are experienced builders based in Brisbane, and highly-skilled construction partners offering blockwork, brickwork, permanent formwork and holistic load-bearing services throughout South-East Queensland. 
We’ve worked in conjunction with well-established suppliers, subcontractors and partners across numerous projects, from individual residences to large-scale developments, wth a focus on getting the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact the Solutions Built team to find out how we can be of help with your next project.
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