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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Commercial Building Services

The construction industry is highly competitive, and it can be tempting to contract the first company available. However, a lot can go wrong if you do not select the right construction company for your project, so it is vital to do proper research and ask the right questions when you are looking for the best commercial contractor. To get the most out of your commercial building services research, here are five common mistakes to avoid when choosing a construction company or contractor.

Not Looking At Their Portfolio and Similar Projects

A reputable construction company should be proud to showcase their previous projects and answer any questions about them. You can ask for references from previous clients to see whether or not they were satisfied with the completed work. A positive referral is often the best way to start your search for quality commercial building services.

It also best to ask the construction company if they have completed any projects that are similar to yours so you’re comparing apples with apples. While a project they’ve worked on may look good to you, if the scope of work or the building’s intended usage is a million miles away from your requirements, it may not be a true indication of the completed project you’ll end up. This will help you eliminate those with less experience that could cost your project time and money.

Overlooking Unique Service Offerings

Not every company offers the same commercial building services; in fact, most will specialise in a particular subset of buildings or materials, or may focus on design aspects that make them unique. For example, some companies may have expertise in materials such as RediWall; a prefabricated solution that ensures faster completion times. Others may take pride in their eco-friendly design and building practices. When looking at a range of contractors, it’s important to note if they have experience with the materials or type of building that your project requires.

Not Asking About The Construction Process

From timeline estimates to post-construction inspections, asking about the construction process is often overlooked when selecting a commercial contractor for your project. When choosing commercial building services, make a point to ask about the construction process and timeline. A trustworthy company will include contingency plans for weather delays and outline other considerations to be aware of due to COVID-19.

Forgetting To Ask For Safety Records

All companies in the commercial building space will have records on safety and take proactive measures in line with model codes of practice to avoid workplace incidents. If a construction company is defensive or elusive about their safety record, you should avoid contracting them. A firm that doesn’t prioritise worker safety is also likely to compromise other aspects of the project, so use this as a general indicator of their approach. Here at Solutions Built, every commercial construction project we work on complies with the requirements of the Australian building codes and standards.

Picking The Contract With The Lowest Price

While cost is a large factor involved in the decision-making process, you should always be cautious of selecting your vendor based on price alone. Low prices can be deceiving if they are subject to hidden costs and last-minute changes. Looking for firms that have well established relationships with their suppliers will ensure more reliable quotes. In addition, it’s important to consider that high quality craftsmanship will save you money on repairing poorly constructed sites.

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